engine oil

  1. M

    manual calls for 6qts what should dipstick read

    The manual calls for 6 quarts (WITH FILTER CHANGE). If this done, what level on the dipstick should oil be at once I drive 20 minutes around town check on level ground? On the MAX line? In the middle of MAX and MIN?? 3/4 between? MACH1 2003
  2. S

    Oil Opinions For A 1995 5.0 Bone Stock With Cai

    I've looked at so many forums already about this question, but there is just so many opinions on this topic. I've been using Motorcraft synthetic blend 10w-30 in my mustang, but pretty much every thread I visit, no one ever mentions the motorcraft syn blend. I want this engine to last at least...
  3. stang89bidges

    The 3 Specific Benefits Of Synthetic Engine Oil Over Conventional

    I just found this today researching on the interwebs. Great answer to an ancient question. Slick Benefits Q: I'm curious about motor oils and their influence on horsepower/longevity. I've used synthetic oil (Mobil 1) for many years now. My '88 Mustang GT 5.0 had over 400,000 miles when I sold...