fog lights

  1. Diode Dynamics

    Elite Series Fog Lamps | Diode Dynamics

    Factory fog lights are built to meet minimum output requirements. Every aftermarket design available provides similar lackluster performance, but with an LED. The focus has been on LED appearance, not increased output. There has never been an aftermarket fog light designed from the ground up for...
  2. Factory Marchal fog lights

    Factory Marchal fog lights

  3. sav22rem22

    Electrical Fog lights come on with headlights

    So I recently tackled the project of re doing all the wires behind my headlight switch on my 89 GT. It’s always had weird affects on my car like the headlights seem to pull a crazy amount of power and my fog lights turn on when the headlights are turned on. Upon taking the switch out I saw that...
  4. J

    2010 Gt Headlight Wiring

    I've looked everywhere and can't find the stupid diagram or info anywhere! I just want to know the 3 wire color code to my 2010 Mustang GT Premium's headlights. High/Low/Ground... Not sure which goes to what color... My wires are yellow with a purple stripe, black with a white stripe, and brown...
  5. EKyellow65

    Electrical 65 Mustang Fog Lights Blinking - Help!

    Hello Everyone, I have recently installed fog lights on my 65 mustang non-GT coupe. I've been having trouble with the fog lights blinking after a few minutes of them being on and the engine running. When they blink, there is a very clear "click" from the circuit breaker which makes me...
  6. M

    93 Mustang Fog Light

    I just ordered a new set of fog lights from Late Model Restoration and I'm having trouble with my stock wiring harness. The lamps do not illuminate and I have full ground at the fog lamp fuse instead of full positive when the key is on, off, or start. I was wondering if anybody had the wiring...
  7. How to install 03-04 Mustang SVT Cobra Fog Lights

    How to install 03-04 Mustang SVT Cobra Fog Lights

    See all our Mustang Cobra Fog Lights here: Since the release of the 03-04 Terminator Cobra, changing Mustangs (V6, GT, Bullitt and Mach 1) over to Cobra front ends has been a popular conversion. The 03-04 Cobra featured a...