1. F

    Crankshaft comparison

    Hey guys, I'm building a big bore 347 to make somewhere in between 800-1000hp, I know there are some high dollar cranks out there that can do the job but dont really fit the budget. I was looking at internally balanced cranks from Callies, Lunati, Eagle, and Scat and as far as my research goes...
  2. J

    Engine Choice Help

    I am really indecisive and cant choose what motor combo I would like to do in my 03 4.6l. The options with cost estimates are $1000 Supercharger w/ 100k mile motor w/ tune $1700 Supercharged w/100k mile motor w/ forged piston rebuild kit w/ tune $2000 Supercharged w/ old motor that needs head...
  3. T

    Forced Induction Prep

    Looking for a list of components I should beef up before installing a turbo or supercharger. i.e. top end kits, rotating assembly kits, and any links or specs on how big the pistons need to be, bore, dish/flat, size of cams, etc. Thank you.
  4. S

    SOLD 2001 Mustang Cobra $10,000 163,000 Miles

    Putting up my 2001 Mustang Cobra with 163000 miles. Looking to get a newer car as I have had this car for about 3 years now. Had the intention of using it for a track car, but has ended up being a daily driver. Car runs perfect and is a lot of fun to drive. Great first car with a decent amount...
  5. Mustang Club Of America

    Mustang Club Of America

    39TH annual fall regional Shelby/Mustang event. Held at the Biltmore Square Mall in Asheville, NC. Ranging from Classic to Modern with Borla at the event showing off there systems and some engines on display with ITB'S " individual throttle body's " . Very good event hosted by great people in a...