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  1. B

    1980 foxbody - pressing switch for high beams causing engine to cut out

    I've been chasing an issue ive been having with my 1980 mercury capri (four eye fox) with an 87 302 swapped in . As the title states most times when I press pull the stock back for the high beams the vehicles voltage drops and causes the engine to either almost or completely stall. This happens...
  2. Q

    Foxbody T5 new clutch problem

    Hey guys, Kinda new to this forum but I have been restoring a 1984 Ford Mustang since November and I was in the final stages of just putting in a new clutch so the car would run smoothly and be able to handle any power we threw at it. After we installed the new clutch (Mcleod Stage 2), flywheel...
  3. Miami1985

    Expired 1985 Mustang Gt 33k Original Miles

    1985 Mustang GT 5spd. with A/C, 33k original miles! Oxford white with gray interior in like new condition. Only modifications mild edelbrock cam and intake, 8.8 rear with 3:73. Very well kept and maintained. $10,750. Feel free to contact me at 305-318-0150 or via text.