1980 foxbody - pressing switch for high beams causing engine to cut out

I've been chasing an issue ive been having with my 1980 mercury capri (four eye fox) with an 87 302 swapped in . As the title states most times when I press pull the stock back for the high beams the vehicles voltage drops and causes the engine to either almost or completely stall. This happens regardless of if the headlamp/lowbeam switch is on or off. Currently I've tried replacing/upgrading the alternator with a 3g alternator which charges strong at 14.5 volts and I've cleaned up the chassis grounds for better contact, neither of these resolved my issue. I currently suspect the turn signal switch is at fault (it houses the stalk for the high beams) but would like to seek advice before I throw more parts at the car.
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Apr 22, 2017
The first thing I'd do is check the sockets and relays. Something is happening when that circuit is closed so check every piece of that process.