fox 5.0 93 mustang lx 5 lug manual

  1. Hollywood_Vae

    Wheels-Tires Rear Tires rubbing

    I have a problem with my rear tires rubbing on my exhaust and in the wheel well. I have nitto 555 315s r17
  2. L

    Fox body ecu harness problems

    Hi everyone, I am swapping a 4 to a v8 and ran into a problem with the ecm harness, my car is a 89, and the harness I got is an 89(at least the guy says) there is a 3r plug on the harness right by the ecm inside the car and I am wonder what it is, the plug is not on my car, I found a picture on...
  3. D

    93 Mustang Fuel Gauge Not Working

    It's a 93 lx now converted to 5.0 changed sending unit today gas gauge says empty unplugged it at the connection on the tank the needle goes past the F for full not making sense