fox 89 mustang

  1. J

    Engine 89 lx 5.0 sporadic missing and dies

    I have a maf car it has gt40p heads and tfs intake. It has the smog pump delete and I’ve check for vacuum leaks and the iac. TPS is set right and timing is good. Cap, rotor, plugs, and plugs are good. Any ideas would be awesome.
  2. vristang

    What's it Worth? 1989 LX Roller - Worth?

    1989 Mustang LX Roller - $1,500 Clear Title This was an original 2.3 auto car. Paint will clean up better than the pics show, I just didn’t wash it well after it sat for a while. There is one dent behind the passenger fender, the rest of the body is great. The stud for drivers seat needs to...
  3. J

    mustang fox body gas needle deported

    hi.when my car is full of gas my needle is at 3/4 of my cluster and when its empty the needle is 1/4 under the E .do you think i can remove the needle of the cluster and replce it on the E with an empty tank? thanks
  4. zackmatias

    Hello from Canada!

    Hey everyone, new to these forums. I have a 89 GT and absolutely love it! I’m more of a do it yourself kind of person rather than someone else working on my car which is why I joined these forums.
  5. AydenTv

    What's it Worth? 89 LX Convertible 5.0 Or 97 Cobra??

    I have a Stock 89 LX Convertible with a 5.0 inside it.. posted it on fb for 5k and a guy dm'd me and said he had a 97 Cobra with 3:27 gears, bbk Cold air Inrake, Bbk suspension, 133k miles, saleen rims, 5 speed, and says the vin comes back as a real cobra.. but the seats was changed to cloth...
  6. J


    i daily drive my 1989 gt i love it to death its gotta be the most fun ive ever had driving and working on it! ive swapped the motor n tranny some mounts and bushings, rear end, rear upper amd lower control arms, complete 5 lug 4 wheel disk upgrade. The only thing i haven't touched is the...
  7. R

    Stripping A/C on 89 lx hatch

    Hey just wondering when I strip my ac out of the car can i replace the heater core with a non ac heater core afterwards?.. also anyone know where to find a decent plug to go in the firewall holes from the a/c lines being deleted?
  8. F

    Interior and Upholstery 1989 GT Good Old Fashioned Hatch Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the site, so I apologize if I made some rookie mistakes in posting for the first time. Anyway, I'm having trouble shutting the hatch on my 89 5.0.; I recently replaced the hatch weatherstripping as well as the strut arms that hold up the hatch. I decided to upgrade my...
  9. D

    Fox Misfires Under Hard Acceleration - Carburetor Experts Needed

    89 fox body randomly started backfiring and misfiring on hard acceleration timing set at 14 degrees gt40 heads and 650 double pumper on it plugs and everything less than 6 months old only backfires under hard acceleration