1. 92fox50

    Lower torque box replacement or reinforcement?

    Hi all, I currently have my fox apart and I am putting the original engine back in with turbos, better pistons rods cam and such. I was taking a look at my lower torque boxes and noticed that they are in rough shape. There is cracking on both sides and the overall shape is very distored. (...
  2. B

    Paint and Body frame straightening

    Hey guys first post here. I'm getting my 86 GT convertible ready for a good ole restoration. It's an Indiana car so you can imagine the state it's in. No I won't buy a new one so don't worry about telling me to just get a less rusty one. I'm too attached and sentimental because it's my first...
  3. S

    Will A Fox Front Frame Rail Fit A 95 Gt

    I have rust on my 95 GT lower shock tower and frame rail. LMR makes replacements but they are for foxbodies, I hear that the sn95 and fox chassis at very similar, will a front frame rail piece right behind the wheel fit?