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    Fox Any tips on replacing a fox body horn?

    The horns on my 1987 GT convertible foxbody went out. I replaced the horn pad in the steering wheel in case that was the issue, and can tell it's working. The horns are still shorting out and blowing fuses, so I bought some new ones from LMR. I'd rather not pull the front bumper off and all that...
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    Fox 87-93 LX Notchback Fox Body Front End Swap requirements?

    So I have been thinking about getting a Fox Body Mustang and like the rear end of the Notchback more then the hatchback but I prefer the GT Front End As I like how clean it is. What are the requirements for changing the front end? Is it a straight Bolt-On? Does It require any fabrication?
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    2008 Mustang GT Vibration in Entire Car

    Hey guys :), really looking to get to the bottom of this... I had taken my car to my local Gerald's who do good work. And they checked my entire front end. Called me and said that the passenger outer tie rod was shot, driver inner tie rod shot, bushings for my front suspension shot, front/rear...