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    Fuel Fuel Leak after replacing fuel filter

    I replaced the fuel filter in my 2001 Mustang gt for the first time and got everything reconnected (I think). When I turn the cars electric on to prime the fuel pump, there is a leak coming from the fuel filter/fuel filter area. I can’t tell exactly where the leak is happening, but it’s...
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    Can you replace metal fuel line with rubber hose under by the gas tank?

    Hey everyone, I’m new here. My fuel line under the car in between the gas tank and fuel filter rusted out and started spraying fuel. Could I just cut the rusted line out and replace it with a rubber hose and hose clamps? I tried looking up where I would even buy the metal fuel line but I can’t...
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    Need help identifying fuel feed and return lines.

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, so I apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong section. I have an engine out of an 88 mustang and am trying to identify which fuel line is the feed and which is the return. Here is a picture of the lines that run from the gas tank. The line with the yellow...