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    Engine Fuel pump won’t turn on

    91 GT. Went to start a few weeks ago and battery was dead. Ended up replacing it completely, will crank but no start fuel pump endless priming, read on forums it’s capacitors on ecm. Replaced capacitors which all looked bad and I’m still in the same situation just now the fuel pump doesn’t turn...
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    Fuel Pump Problem On My 1987 Foxbody

    Hey guys I was needing some help diagnosing a problem witgh my car. My 1987 foxbody mustang has shut off while driving 2 or 3 times and left me stranded. I am guessing it's related to the fuel pump but the problem will happen 1 time and be good for the next week or so and them happen again. The...
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    Hissing Coming From Fuel Tank Area

    Okay, so I've got another problem on my hands. I started up my fox earlier and a hissing sound is coming from the rear end. I can't tell exactly where it's coming from. The sound sounds like a leaking tire. What brought it to my attention was the fuel pump working noticeably "harder" than...