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    what is this red, two screw electrical part? (Fusible Link)

    Can anyone tell me what this is? It shows +12 on the front (near arrow head), whether key off or on, and 0 on the other side either way. It has no continuity in either direction. I found it while hunting for fusible links and such. It and the wires to it look like they're meant to carry...
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    3G Alternator to starter solenoid wiring

    Hi all, I just got my first fox and have purchased a 130 amp alternator upgrade kit from lmr. Upon inspection it looks like the original black/orange wire(s) leading to the alternator were heavily damaged. I am looking to replace these and the fusible links towards the starter solenoid. Would...
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    86 5.0 Fox Body No Crank Issue (fusible Link/clutch Safety Switch)

    Hey guys, new to the group and the proud new owner of a 1986 302 GT, been on my car bucket list since I can remember, lots of plans! So here's the scoop; I traded the my 4runner for the car knowing it needed some work. Drove it for a few days before I went to go out and she wouldn't crank...