gas smell

  1. opihinalu

    Am I missing my charcoal canister?

    I have a 1986 GT and I get gas fumes coming from the engine. I don't know much about cars but I will try to explain the problem the best I can. I smell the fumes in the car, especially while accelerating fast and sometimes after idling for a long time. It doesn't smell like raw gas and it's...
  2. T

    Engine Foxbody idling surging and stalling

    Hello, I have a 89' foxbody and I recently took apart the upper manifold and cleaned all ports, put it back together and it idled in the 1,500s without coming down for 30 seconds. I went ahead put a new IAC and TPS, and adjusted the idle down to 800 RPMs. The car didn't run good after any of...
  3. J

    98 Cobra Fuel Smell!!!

    So i just recently installed an NX proton kit with an msd window switch. I sprayed it a few times and now im getting a really bad gas smell coming from engine bay. There are no wet spots or leaks that i can see. You can smell it in the car when windows are down, but when they are up and the ac...