1. M

    Loose driver's side glass 65 convertible

    Greetings- My 65 Mustang convertible driver's side glass moves front to back when UP. This causes the top of the drivers door glass to hit the rear window when closing. Below is a video of the play and the glasses touching. I can manually move the glass front to back with my hand and am not...
  2. Habu135

    What's it Worth? LX Rear Quarter Glass

    What is a set of LX hatchback rear quarter glass worth that is in good (little to no deteriation) condition? What is a 9AL computer worth?
  3. 68keyblr

    Fiberglass Repair Help

    So I picked up a '93 Cobra style rear spoiler for my son's '86 GT. One of the threaded inserts for bolting it on is missing and another spins. What do I need to do to repair and replace them? Pic attached. @Davedacarpainter do you have any advice? I'm thinking either epoxy putty or...
  4. RaggedGT

    Progress Thread The Ragged Gt Thread-little To No Progress Made-Garage Art

    Alright guys, after two years of neglect-I'm going to fix my mustang. This is the summer I finally change the transmission and replace key parts of the exhaust. But... Until I have the new (to Me.) transmission and other parts-I'm going to work on some other issues First Project-Remove the...
  5. Dondre Richards

    Window Motors No Good??

    The other day my power window on the driver side stopped working. It happened after I came home one day. Rolled it up. Turned off the car. Then I went back in the car so I rolled down the driver window alone and when I tried to roll it back up it didn't. I assumed it would have been because of...