Dondre Richards

New Member
Oct 8, 2014
The other day my power window on the driver side stopped working. It happened after I came home one day. Rolled it up. Turned off the car. Then I went back in the car so I rolled down the driver window alone and when I tried to roll it back up it didn't. I assumed it would have been because of the motor, but the next day my passenger side stopped working as well. I took out the driver side motor and i hooked it up directly to the battery to test it and to my surprise it was spinning when connected, so then decided to test if the socket had any power. I placed the tester in the terminals and played with the switch and it had power. I placed on end of the tester in one terminal and the other end on the body of the car and it had power and i did the same to the other terminal. So i thought to plug the motor in to see if it would work but it didnt. can someone please explain to me what it could be.
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