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    Header Bolt Snapped off Please help

    Hi, I am new to the forum and I have checked as many posts as I can stand looking for something similar to help. I can not find anything that satisfies an answer to my problem so here we go. I bought a 2008 Mustang GT about a month ago... This was great but I have started to find several issues...
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    408 Stroker build (what heads)

    Hello everyone, I currently have a 1969 Mach I that I have slowly been converting to a restomod. I recently had the engine rebuilt (351w) due to an oil pump seizing. The previous build was rebuilt in texas about 5 years before I purchased it and ran well. I figured if I was...
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    WTB/Trade Used Aluminum Heads

    Want to buy, a used set of aluminum heads, they can need work, will consider any brand and size.
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    Engine Help With Re-manufactured Engine... Is This Head Ok?

    Hello, About a month ago I purchased an engine from Rock auto that was semi complete to replace one that had died. This engine is a 2002 4.6L for a GT. As you can clearly see in the photo the cam bearing saddle has a pretty huge crack. I have not ran it yet, and I am not sure I should. What are...
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    Engine Stuck/seized Tfs Aluminum Head

    Hey, as I am sure most of you can to relate at some point, im most of half-way through a job and hit a damn brick wall. My 95 302 had been going through radiators and just generally giving me grief and she finally decided it was time I replace the head gaskets. driver side head came off just...