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    HELP! Bought a 2004 4.6L Swapped mustang

    I bought a mustang”gt” it was listed however I went to see it and realized it was a base 2004 with a 4.6l swapped engine and tranny with it I bought it anyway but now I’m trying to figure out why there’s so many codes regarding open circuits in cylinders as well as when I press the break or turn...
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    Electrical 1997 no fire

    I have a 1997 v6 with a 1996 3.8 motor, eng wiring harness, ecm, dash wiring harness, cluster and column Ive tried everything and searched everywhere Im not getting any spark from the coil pack the 96 car ran and drove before I did the swap into my 97 I've checked the crank posit in sense and...