idle problems

  1. D

    Surging idle 95 mustang gt 5.0 bolt ons

    I have a 95 mustang gt 5.0 with stock bottom end, gt40p heads 1.6 roller rockers, comp xe264hr cam, 75mm throttle body, 30 lb injectors, MAF calibrated for the injectors, BBK cold air intake, Trick flow upper and lower, pacesetter long tube headers, custom 3” exhaust, no o2s (yet, bought without...
  2. L

    Engine Rough Idle at Start, Possible CMCV Vacuum Leak

    Hi, I have a 2015 salvaged coyote in a 67 mustang running on the control pack. Everything is up and running, but it seems to have a rough idle at start. The idle continues to be rough until I rev the engine and it settles down to normal at around 1000rpm for about 5 seconds, after 5 seconds...
  3. 96nickSn95

    Runs Fine But Idles Low When In Drive

    So just adjusted the TPS in my 1996 mustang 4.6L V8. It's pretty much stock, just replaced some minor parts with OEM equivalent parts (like maf sensor and IAC and such). The biggest after market part I have bolted on is a Dorman intake manifold for NPI heads. Now the other day my stang died on...
  4. V

    Idle Problem

    93 LX Coupe Searching for idle and smell of raw gas
  5. cutecrimnal143

    Tune Help With Mustang Gt And Color

    Hello guys i just purchased a 2001 mustang gt with 88000 miles on it in red . The car has different shades of red because of paint oxidation i would like to fix that too i don't know how to go about that any help in that regard would be great . I did some work on the car which inludes bbk...
  6. E

    High Idle When In Neutral While Coasting

    (2001 v6 manual stock just a cold air intake)Recently I've had a problem with my idle. When it's stopped its fine and sits around 850 or so. In the past couple weeks it's been acting up really bad. When drive and In-between shifts the Rpms will jump to about 3500 Rpms and stay there and not drop...
  7. V

    2002 Mustang Rpm's On The Fritz!!

    Alright I have a 2002 Mustang GT with a Torque Tech supercharger on it. The issue i am having is a freaking unbelievably high rpm. When I start the car every thing is fine, idles about normal rpms. Tap the gas just enough to cause any sort of pull on the throttle cable, and immediately release...