inline 6

  1. L

    300ci Straight 6 power upgrades

    I have a 68 Fastback with an inline 6 300 and a manual. the car I believe had a 351 Windsor originally but a previous owner replaced it with the 300. ive decided to build the I6 because ive had a truck with one before and really love straight 6s anyway. This car is bone stock other than that and...
  2. TwinTurboV8

    200 ci Inline-6 with headers

    Quick question, I was thinking of adding headers to me and my dad’s ‘67 mustang. I’ve done a bunch of research on headers already, but I’m unsure if I need to change anything out before I add headers.
  3. Sweetmarie66

    1966 I-6 head conversion

    Hey hey everybody! Been along time!! Just getting started on pulling the Inline out of our 66 coupe, so had anyone done the 250 conversion head swap? Would like to get away from the integral log head, just seeing what some of you have done, I know it's a long shot as most wouldn't bother trying...
  4. DrakeRobinson68

    Engine 1968 Inline 6 Carb

    Hi, I have been looking everywhere for the right carburetor for my 1968 I6 Mustang. I found a re-manufactured one on summit racing (link) that says it is compatible but I am a little apprehensive buying it as the photo appears slightly different than the one that is currently on the car now...