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    For Sale Ford lock set w/ignition key & lock, door & trunk locks E7ZZ-6121984-B

    Ford lock set with Ignition key and lock Doors and trunk locks only - DOOR KEY IS MISSING E7ZZ-6121984-B This was a spare lock set that came with a project car I bought in 2003 that never materialized. $20 Georgetown, TX Please see my other...
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    Electrical Factory Alarm Going Off While Driving

    Hello all, I'm new to the site and hope to get some advice. I recently came across a problem with my alarm system going off while driving. I drive a 2000 v6 mustang and have never dealt with ford alarms. The factory key fobs both unlock and lock the car, and I only noticed the issue driving...
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    Ignition Lock Cylinder Matching The Door Locks.

    Hey guys I am a brand new Mustang owner and new to this forum any advice is much appreciated. BACKGROUND: My friends and I bought a 1994 V6 for our senior project for $800. The car has 300,000 miles on the body but the PO says the engine and trans was rebuilt 100k ago. The key that came with...