long tube headers

  1. D

    Best Sounding H Pipe and Muffler to buy for BBK Long Tube Headers (1994 Mustang Gt 5 Speed)

    Just got my car restored about almost a year ago it's a 1994 mustang gt (157k miles) and all I got so far done to it was a muffler delete, short-throw shifter, and just got new 3.73 gears installed. But I am looking for the best budget-friendly exhaust system possible but also pretty good. The...
  2. Cammandobrando

    97 cobra magnaflow street series

    Hey guys looking into exhaust for my 97 cobra , has long tube headers and no cats, wondering if anyone on here has a similar set up and can tell me how it sounds , before i spend the money on a stainless exhaust i am not happy with , any help would be great !
  3. R

    Exhaust set up advice. O\R H pipe or high flow cat H pipe?

    Hey guys so I got the borla Attak Axlebacks for my 2014 v6 Mustang and I deleted the resinators. It is loud when I want it to be and fairy quiet while just cruising, howeverI want the sound to be more of a deeper growl. I was going to pick up some BBK Long tube headers, and a BBK H pipe. My...
  4. D

    2006 Ford Mustang Running Lean and Rich Problem (Need Advice)

    Hello, I am new to posting on forums and this is the first time I ever made an account to post a Thread, so sorry if I am doing something wrong. I tried searching for this problem but came up with no real answer to my situation. Around July I purchased a 2006 Ford Mustang GT...
  5. Nick Bos

    1970 Mustang Coupe Headers Question And Help

    Hello all, I have a 1970 ford mustang base with a stock 302. I'm thinking about getting some hooker headers (part # 6901HKR) or some shorty hedman headers (part #88400). I'm not sure if I should get the shorty headers or the long tube headers. Both say they are for the 1970 mustang 302 and are...
  6. J

    New Here! Longtube Header Help

    Hey all! Installing my new pacesetter longtube headers on my 2004 3.9 manual trans. I have the drivers side installed. The passenger side states to unbolt the trans mounting bolts and slide it left, but the header still hits the frame and the trans. I pulled the starter out of the way and its...
  7. J

    2004 3.9 V6 Long Tube Header Installation

    Hello all! Im trying to install my pacesetter long tube headers on my 2004 3.9L. I have the drivers side installed. The passenger side directions state to unbolt the trans mount and slide it left, in which case I have tried. The header still hits the frame and the trans. Ive tried several times...