2006 Ford Mustang Running Lean and Rich Problem (Need Advice)


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Feb 17, 2019

I am new to posting on forums and this is the first time I ever made an account to post a Thread, so sorry if I am doing something wrong. I tried searching for this problem but came up with no real answer to my situation.

Around July I purchased a 2006 Ford Mustang GT with around 133k from an auction. The car was sold as a non running vehicle since it had idle problems and could not drive without losing all throttle response and stalling. The car has a set of Pacesetter long-tube headers and an Air-raid CAI (the one that requires a tune). At first I replaced the Throttle body but that did absolutely nothing then i decided to replace the aftermarket CAI with the Stock air box and boom, car ran perfect except I have 3 codes that will not go away. I thought it might have been a issue with the car not being tuned but I managed to get in contact with the previous owner by some miracle and he told me the car does have a tune (93 Bama Race Tune). So now I am confused because if the car had a tune, then there should have been no problem with the cold air intake. I am planning on buying the Tuner from him soon but I need some help because maybe it is not the tune and I do not want too much money ( im willing to spend up to like ~ $300, anymore has to wait a couple weeks or days ) since I can not afford to spent too much on the car right now. The o2 sensors were already replaced, I have not checked the wires but I might do that when the weather gets warmer.

The codes are
P0158 - O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage Bank 2 Sensor 2

P2270 - O2 Sensor Signal Stuck Lean Bank 1 Sensor 2

Just as of last week, this popped up aswell

P2273 - O2 Sensor Signal Stuck Rich Bank 2 Sensor 2

The car currently has 144k and I have had no other problems so far with the car but it is time to register it and I need emissions, so any help and advice on what to do will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
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