1. C

    For Sale 1988 Turbocharged 5.0, $6,400, Wichita Falls, TX area

    Solid car that needs someone who would like a Turbocharged 5.0. Would also be a great Christmas present for a father to give to his son as a bonding project car. The original Hurricane wheels with tires on them, two new tires that have never been mounted, some drag springs and other various...
  2. MoDriver

    SOLD New Mac Chrome Exhaust 2-1/2" Tailpipes For A 64.5-73 Mustang

    Listed is are New MAC Chrome exhaust 2-1/2" Tailpipes for a 64.5-73 Mustang. I intended to use this on a 1966 Ford Mustang. This should work on most 64.5-73 Mustangs with dual exhaust. Asking $115 So, this is a good deal for high performance exhaust components (compare with vendors like...
  3. O

    Need To Replace Ld Mac Cai, Mac Shorties & Mac Catted Mid?

    I just bought a '90 LX and it has a and older setup (probably from when it was first purchased) of the three MAC products: CAI, shorties, and catted H pipe. A few questions: 1) If i leave the setup as is, is there any maintenance I should be doing to this setup (outside of CAI filter?) 2) The...
  4. chancock82

    SOLD 2005 - 2010 Mustang Gt Mac Axle Back Exhaust Like New

    These are a set of MAC Axle Back Exhaust system made for a 2005-2010 Mustang GT and Bullitt. These are Like New and only have about 50 miles on them. I bought them new from MAC about a week ago and decided to go in a different direction. These sound really nice and extremely deep. These are $400...
  5. N

    Does Bbk Still Suck?

    I just bought and installed BBK long tube headers on my 2 vavle. They seemed pretty good. But I just looked on some of the forums and everyone's saying they are garbage. But those posts where 4 years ago. A lot changes in 4 years, sometimes. A lot of things don't...I'm wondering if anyone has...
  6. 2005 Mustang GT

    2005 Mustang GT

    Just some rearward GoPro footage of our '05 Mustang GT with various speeds, some WOT blasts etc..