1. E

    Mustang 2011-2014 80,000+ Miles?

    hey guys, I’m a student and I’m trying to replace my car. I’m looking into these models because I love them and I want to get one. I’ve seen many different prices for them, V6 and v8 ranging from 9,000-$20,000. Of course, for around 50,000 miles or less it goes for over $15,000. I’m a student so...
  2. Ethan Keirn

    Coolant Temp Guage Won't Work

    So I bought a 1998 GT with about 88,500 miles on it about two months ago, everything was great for the first two weeks or so. I eventually began to notice a slight coolant leak coming from a small crack in the thermostat housing. I understand that it is a common failure point on these cars as...