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    1985 Mercury Capri 302 5.0L cranks but wont start

    Long story short the car sat from 2005-Now in 2020. i got it to start but it would not idle so i took apart the carb and put new floats in. when i put the carb back in the car did not have spark. Here is a list of all the parts ive replaced. Spark plugs Coil Ignition module Ignition Switch...
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    1968 Cougar, Identify 351 Vs 302

    Sorry if this is ill placed or the wrong place to ask. But I am buying a 68 cougar and the gentleman is saying it came stock with a 351 cleveland. According to my knowledge and decoding the vin that was not a option. But not to say one was not put in there at some point, how can I identify the...