1968 Cougar, Identify 351 Vs 302

Sorry if this is ill placed or the wrong place to ask. But I am buying a 68 cougar and the gentleman is saying it came stock with a 351 cleveland. According to my knowledge and decoding the vin that was not a option. But not to say one was not put in there at some point, how can I identify the motor? Are the visual differences I can spot? Casting numbers?

Any help appreciated.

Side note: Any one know a good website or resource for 68 cougar parts?
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68 Cougar came with a 289 early in the year ,later in the year the 289 was dropped and the 302 took its place .
351 windsor was not offered until 69 . The 351 Cleveland was not offered until 1970
You should have a vin code in the fifth digit of either C for -289 2V ,A for -289 4V , or J for a 302 4 V. Or an S for 390

This is the motor
It looks like a Cleveland headed monster to me.... :cool:

While I'm fairly certain 68 Cougars didn't come with Clevelands at all, this could just be a case of the drivetrain being completely stock and maybe this guy doesn't know what he is talking about. "It looks stock, therefore it is stock." could be his mindset. Nevertheless, I'll bet it motates pretty well!

Actually been thinking of Cleveland swapping the wife's 67 off and on. I think she has settled on wanting a V8 swap for it, so when we get down to it I'll be shopping. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a Cleveland...? :)
Cleveland style engine.....


Cleveland heads:


Windsor style engine:


Windsor heads:


Notice the thermostat housing location on the block for the Cleveland vs the Windsor's intake manifold. Also, the heads of a Cleveland are almost block shaped, Windsor heads have an angle you can definitely see on the exhaust side. The Cleveland exhaust ports are also "raised" away from the rest of the casting as I hope the pic that I shared helps illustrate. You will be able to see the head bolt heads on top of these sections.

I hope this helps a little!
If memory serves, an actual Cleveland will accept stock SBF bell housings, but the 351M engines bell bolt pattern changed and mates to BBF bells. That will be something to look for/at if you are looking for transmissions.