metallic noise

  1. D

    Drivetrain Metal shredding noise when decelerating in gear

    So my 1989 gt has been making an awful metal grinding noise only when it is in a forward gear. Once I depress the clutch the noise will go away. It will not make a noise in neutral or at a dead stop either. I know the transmission has to come out, but what is this problem coming from? Input...
  2. AZStargazerGT

    Brakes New 2020 Mustang GT - High Pitched Sracping/Grind from Front Passenger Wheel Area

    Hi everyone, I purchased a 2020 GT with now only 220 miles on it last week. I noticed starting the day after driving around for a bit an intermitteent yet consistent metallic scraping/rubbing noise that seems to be coming from the right passenger front tire area. I took the car back to the...