Brakes New 2020 Mustang GT - High Pitched Sracping/Grind from Front Passenger Wheel Area

Hi everyone,

I purchased a 2020 GT with now only 220 miles on it last week. I noticed starting the day after driving around for a bit an intermitteent yet consistent metallic scraping/rubbing noise that seems to be coming from the right passenger front tire area. I took the car back to the original dealership who performed inspection and found nothing wrong (the report even indicates 'could not duplicate noise' however the sound is consistent, and only happens when I'm accelerating vs. actual braking. The dealership advised it's simply "high performance new brake noise" and will stop relatively soon as I drive more and loosen the brakes a bit. I've tried bedding at least 5 to 6 times and that has done nothing. The brakes are making a louder grind/squeal at times when stopping but that I would imagine is normal for ceramic, especially being so new, however, this constant 'swooshing' metallic coming from one side does not sound normal at all. I don't believe at this point it's a safety issue but it's rather annoying to hear something so loud on a brand new car, even with the Brembo brakes it is strange. I've added a video I hope this helps, and I appreciate any help anyone can suggest/recommend. I'm not mechanically inclined to do any work myself unfortunately so I'm at the mercy of a dealership or local shop. Thank you to anyone with insights.


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I can’t open the file to listen right now. I don’t know what “high performance new brake squeal is though”

I’d find a different dealership. I had a new infiniti that had brake issues and the dealer reported “all normal” I thought it was BS so I pulled all 4 brakes apart and found one rear caliper seized up. They obviously didn't look too hard at the problem so I wouldn’t put it past any dealer to do the same
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I took a listen. That sound is not normal. Something is scraping on the rotor that is not the brake pad. Either the dust shield is bent and slightly rubbing or there's a rock wedged in there, or a clip is out of adjustment.

If you can jack up the wheel and spin it by hand, I would think you can replicate the sound. You can prob do both front wheels to give you something to compare to.

Either way, that's something a dealer should address vs blow you off.
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Hi All,

Thank you so much for the replies/info, I ended up taking it to another Ford dealership and this location was able to diagnose and fix the issue, which turned out to be the dust shield rubbing on the rotor. I'm so glad I didn't just accept the first answer and have to drive around with a car that sounded like it's falling apart and it's brand new. Thank you all again, you're very appreciated!! <3
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