motor mounts

  1. T

    Fox 83 foxbody motor mount for 5.4 swap

    I’ve just started on an old worn out foxbody that we just stripped. The plan is to drop the motor and transmission from my 04 f150 fx4 that was just totaled and I’m trying to find motor mounts and a k member for the swap. Anyone have any recommendations?
  2. M

    WTB/Trade Iso: '78 V8 Frame/motor Mounts, Manifolds/headers & Oil Pan

    Doing an engine swap in a '78 and desperately need Frame Mounts, Motor Mounts, Manifolds or Headers and an Oil Pan. I don't care what shape any of it is in as long as they work! I live in Upstate, NY and will pay for shipping or will come get the parts. Its been 8 years since I could work on...
  3. 68keyblr

    Motor Mount Selection Help

    I need to replace the motor and tranny mounts on my '86 T-Top. Here are the known engine mods: - Yates SVO heads - Tubular GT-40 intake - 70mm Accufab TB - 75mm Pro-M MAF w/ 24# injectors - Non stock fairly lumpy cam (not sure of specs, installed by previous owner) Also has: - Subframe...