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Mar 17, 2003
I need to replace the motor and tranny mounts on my '86 T-Top. Here are the known engine mods:

- Yates SVO heads
- Tubular GT-40 intake
- 70mm Accufab TB
- 75mm Pro-M MAF w/ 24# injectors
- Non stock fairly lumpy cam (not sure of specs, installed by previous owner)

Also has:
- Subframe connectors
- T-5 tranny

It's probably making around 280 rwhp +/- 20 HP

This is currently my daily driver so I do not want any more NVH than the stock mounts. For that reason I would prefer a rubbber mount, but I am skeptical of using parts store stock replacement mounts for quality issues I have read about. Plus the stock style rubber might not hold up with the mods I've got.

I'm considering the Energy Suspension poly motor mounts with a stock style tranny mount.

If you have personal experience with this setup I would love to hear your feedback, particularly with respect to NVH

Or if you have had a positive or negative experience with the stock replacements I would like to hear about that as well.

Please help me decide :shrug:
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Energy Suspension mounts mimic the "convertible" and later hardtop mounts, and will probably lower the engine compared to the ones you have, assuming they're stock original. For your car, Prothane is probably a better bet since they mimic the earlier/non-convertible style mounts.