motor swap no crank

  1. C

    theft light blinking and no crank

    i have a 2003 v6 mustang and my engine started knocking so i bought a parts car (2000 v6) and swapped the engine now the theft light blinks and car wont crank over i had a locksmith come out and he cut 2 new keys and still the same please help
  2. D

    V6 to v8 swap no crank, no fuel issue.

    I have a 1996 mustang v6 that I swapped a 1998 mustang v8 engine and trans into. I bought a 98 donor car that ran and drove and did the drop the cradle method. After the swap was done, I couldn’t get the car to start, but it would indeed crank. (There was no theft light) after some more research...
  3. chapters707

    Engine Still Cranks With No Start After Swap

    Hello everyone. A few months back I overheated my 96 GT and lost compression in several cylinders and had a crank with no start symptom. I decided my engine was done and began an engine swap to another 4.6 motor I bought off the internet, advertised as being tested for good compression etc...