mustang 2004v6 3.9 3.8

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    Engine misfire during use

    Hey, recently I bought an 04 mustang with the 3.9 v6. It had been parked for about two years so it needed quite a bit of work done to it. I won't talk much about the PCM issue that I had, but once the car started I ended up running into an issue that pretty much made it undrivable. When I would...
  2. Z

    I need help with pistons

    I need to change the pistons of my V6 3.9L 04 and I have a question. Are the pistons of a 3.8L compatible with the 3.9L or is there a difference?
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    2004 Horrible squealing noise

    I have a 2004 v6 5 speed and on occasions it will make an awful sound. I’m unaware what it is as I’ve never heard it before. Any help is good. It has made the sound both with the clutch pressed in and while sitting at idle with it out. Already replaced Idler pulley, belt, and tensioner...
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    40th Anni. Mustang V6 3.9

    Bought this car a couple months ago .. and rad blew up in smoke and radiator fluid was bubbling out of the resevior. So I replaced the rad . And therma stats. Completely new. Topped off the fluids as well. Car sat over night ran fine at a perfect temperature. Now when I start it will be fine...