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    1990 GT PROBLEM!!!!

    I have 1990 mustang gt and I'll be driving and everything is okay but let's say I'm in 5th gear if I go into neutral to coast the rpm rise to 3k, sometimes even stalls. I bought a new iac and fuel filter and I haven't stalled YET but I haven't drove it much , but it's still rising in rpm to 3k...
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    Won’t start outside of neutral unless given gas

    So my 89 aod auto fox won’t start unless it’s in neutral. Quick story, I was pushing the car pretty hard on the freeway, was driving great, once I started to slow down I realized a loss in power and acceleration on the off ramp. Once I hit a red light the car started to stumble so I quickly...
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    02 Gt Won't Start After Motor And Transmission Swap

    Hey all, I did a motor and transmission swap in a 2002 GT automatic car. I installed a 2004 Cobra motor and T-56 transmission. I used the GT wiring and had a chip programmed and added it to the factory computer. I got everything wired up and the car wouldn't even turn over. I ran direct power...