no power

  1. D

    No electrical power issue

    I was driving down the highway in my 2002 mustang gt (138k miles) on my way to work when all of the sudden my car lost power. The car cycled on and off very quickly and i was able to drive home. I put the car neutral and let it sit for about an hour. When i tried to start the car again there was...
  2. B

    88 Mustang Gt No Power, Sputters Etc.

    Hello all, I've read through this website for a long time now but have never posted anything. I recently did a motor swap on my 88 Mustang because it was not running right by any means. The new motor was free from a family friend and was taken from a crate. After installation and a few thousand...
  3. Tanton81

    Fueling Issues

    So I have 98 gt, have had for sometime now but just decided to pull out of the garage and start to play around with. When I bought it, it came wt a 83mm maf, 24lbs injectors, and I'm wanting to say its a 76mm throttle body and a cold air intake. All of it is BBK. Now I'm assuming it's a stock...