Fueling Issues


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Mar 6, 2016
Brenham Tx
So I have 98 gt, have had for sometime now but just decided to pull out of the garage and start to play around with. When I bought it, it came wt a 83mm maf, 24lbs injectors, and I'm wanting to say its a 76mm throttle body and a cold air intake. All of it is BBK. Now I'm assuming it's a stock engine. I do know it has the cat delete BBK x-pipe on it as well. Stock fuel rail, stock fuel pump, stock heads and intake. So I'm having issues with the car. At wot it stalls out and doesn't have any sort of power but as long as I don't get in heavy on the throttle it runs kinda ok. Was needing some advice about what I should check or do. Higher volume fuel pump? Larger fuel rails and pressure regulator?
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May 10, 2015
Marion Ohio
Well it could be all kinds of things from a worn out fuel pump to varnish in the fuel lines from sitting... 24# injectors are overkill on a practically stock 2V motor and if your still running the back 2 o2 sensors with the cat delete and no tune its probably dumping gas and running real rich... A higher volume fuel pump is always a good idea with these cars and from what iv read the stock fuel rail is good for up to 500hp so there's really no reason to mess with that....

I would start with finding a factory MAF with 19# injectors, get a Focus SVT fuel pump, and start running some fuel system cleaner threw it...


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Sep 15, 2006
St. Louis, MO
I'm guessing it has some kind of tune on it or I doubt those injectors and MAF would allow the car to work at all. How long has it been since the fuel filter has been changed?