oil change

  1. D

    Engine Drained oil capacity much lower than expected

    Hello all, I got my 2000 GT just about a year ago and did my second oil change today. The refill capacity for it is 5 quarts, but only about 3 quarts came out when I drained it. I have never seen oil puddles beneath the car. Any ideas why this would happen? Thanks!
  2. M

    Please Help and Advice

    Hello everyone, just joined the community. I bought a used 2017 ford mustang ecoboost premium a month ago. Drove a 1500 miles so far and now the mileage on it is 19100 miles. Want to know when to change the transmission fluid and other oils. I have no idea about it and the service schedules...
  3. 1

    Engine 1995 Mustang GT

    I’m just making this because I’ve seen a lot of threads on what engine oil everyone with a 5.0 Mustang uses and there was one that caught my eye about using 15w 40 deisel engine oil. I’ve been using Castrol GTX 15w 40 on all my cars these past 4 years from a 2006 Nissan Altima with 170k miles to...
  4. Debrajean70

    Check Engine Light On 2004 Stang Gt With Low Milage!!

    I am new to this site. Yet in my minimal searching around, love it. my dream stang is, Of course, The Shelby. Thus why I named my pitbull after the Shelby!! My baby is riding rough and tonight the check engine light came on,8 /19/16. I KNOW something is very wrong....she has been riding rough...