1. D

    96 GT On3 turbo kit part suggestions

    So I plan on putting the On3 turbo on my gt and I am trying to get 400hp on it. I was wondering what parts I would need to get or that would be smart to get. I already know that the stock rods and pistons tend to go out around 400-450hp and I plan on buying them but I don't know what sizing...
  2. jeannelle101

    Best block / parts for Turbo build

    Hey guys, I was in the final stages of putting an on3 turbo kit on my 04 mustang GT. Then a leakdown and compression test showed that I have some pretty bad rings in cylinders 3 and 6. So instead of tuning I want to build the engine. My goal is somewhere around 800whp. I want to keep it...
  3. Modular2v

    SOLD On3 76mm for sale

    Ball bearing On3 76mm. Only has 4k miles on it. $300 obo. It came off my 2003 mustang gt on3 forward facing kit. I am located in Oklahoma City (73120)
  4. SlowFiveOh

    Megasquirt Tuning Questions

    Stock block 78 302 EFI, bored .40 over, studded and metal gasket. Rebuilt 0kms. On3 turbo kit 70mm, 42lb inj, air/air intercooler, msd ignition system, dual electric fans, 3.73 gear, built aod, megasquirt pnp II. The car made 383/381 last year on a 200,000mile engine with tons of blow by...