Hey guys, I was in the final stages of putting an on3 turbo kit on my 04 mustang GT. Then a leakdown and compression test showed that I have some pretty bad rings in cylinders 3 and 6. So instead of tuning I want to build the engine. My goal is somewhere around 800whp. I want to keep it relatively streetable as well. Ive been told that the Teksid blocks are a decent choice, and I know the 4v rods and pistons are much better. But my main question is will those be strong enough to handle the power I want to make? Any engine building, parts, seller recommendations would be very helpful.
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You're going to need A LOT to accomplish 800!

-stick with your stock block. Get it decked and the cylinders honed
-the only cobra internals that can handle that power are 03/04 cobra forged internals (you'll need a forged crank, forged rods, and forged pistons)
-ARP head studs to prevent you from lifting a head (you're going to need a LOT of boost)
-ARP rod and main bolts
-billet oil pump
-Edelbrock intake
-custom cams
-aftermarket heads
-complete fuel system with rails and injectors
-E85 or race fuel
-a transmission that can handle that power

800rwhp is nowhere near cheap with a 2V
@Nightfire Ive definitely come to the conclusion that this is what I want to do. Whether it takes a lot of cash is alright with me. it will just take a little bit of time. I feel like i can find the cobra internals at a decent enough price locally, my only concern was someone had mentioned that they can only handle around 650? But if not thats even better. As for heads, I was pointed towards some Patriot 2v heads but I've always heard Trickflow heads are more than good.
I decided to go Teksid... lol. I recently got some mmr rods from someone parting out a stroker build of theirs. I've been talking to Todd from the facebook forums and he's been helping me find and source some parts for this build. Other than that, I'll be getting a T56 thats been built so thats exciting.
I've been reading recently that the 3V aluminum blocks may be even stronger than the Teksid. I've read quite a few debates on this in recent days trying to rack my brain on what Al block to pick up to start a build. The construction of the main caps is what gives it (allegedly) a slight edge.

With that said, plenty of folk have made good power with the Teksid, as it's reputation will attest to. But, for someone who doesn't have a block yet, I've found 3V blocks are more widespread, and cheaper than Teksids which seem to be in the $500-600 range (even from a Lincoln) in my neck of the woods, vs $300 for a used 3V block.
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