1. Lavish5.0

    Rally stripes?? If so matte or gloss black?

    I know these are different blues, but I’m not sure if I should put matte or gloss black stripes on.. Opinions?
  2. B

    Fox 1985 GT Hatchback with AOD/CFI Build

    Hello all, and thank you. I am new to this forum, but I am a member of several others (namely CruzeTalk and I think another forum or two). I have searched for other CFI builds, but came up dry, so I started this one. As the title suggests, I have an 85 CFI engine in my Mustang. I purchased...
  3. RaggedGT

    Let's Play A Game(failed Miserably In The Ot Section.)

    I originally posted this in the Squeaky Wheel. At the suggestion of @74stang2togo i posted it in the OT are under its own thread.... And it Bombed-lol- But I still think it would be kinda fun to see where people take this.. And if it fails here,then I'll leave it on Facebook where I found it :-)...