1. B

    Electrical Alternator charging issue.

    Ive seen alot of post on the subject but didnt see one that looked like my issue. So i was driving for about 30 kilometers to the city for a car meet and parked. When i started the car later the battery lamp was on and the alternator gauge (original) didnt show anny signs of life! UNTIL...
  2. R

    5Volts reference putting out 12 volts with key on 18 volts with car on(overcharge)

    I noticed my tps and other sensors like iac and others are giving a 12 volts read on my multimeter with key-on instead of the usual 5 volts it goes as high as 18.5 volts with car on! I'm guessing those ("missing") 5 volts show up eventually when I turn the car on? But wait , how can that be... I...
  3. CorbinGT

    Electrical Overcharging Issue.

    Hello, My 94 Mustang GT is overcharging by that I mean The voltage gauge pegs. It only starts to do this after about 20 minutes of driving and after I get on it. It has a rebuilt alternator that bench tests perfectly and a new voltage regulator as well. Battery is fine, tests fine,car starts...