1. D

    P1131 Code and Rattle Under Throttle

    So a couple weeks ago I noticed my 00 GT would rattle at around 3000 rpm in certain gears after it warmed up. It was a rattle faint sound coming from the motor that I could feel vibrating the gas petal pretty aggressively. Sounds almost like an exhaust leak and I assumed it was pre-ignition. I...
  2. Eric_WTM

    Engine P1151 & P1131 appeared and I need help

    I have a 2003 Ford Mustang GT and as I was letting it warm up for work. I noticed that I had a check engine light for P1151 & P1131 and its saying that the car is running lean. The car is running poorly and I checked the fuel pressure "30psi" and the vacuum lines and there all good.