1. B

    Questions about P600B Procharger kit.

    This kit popped up for sale semi local to me. I got the serial # from the seller and contacted procharger with it. Head unit is a 1996 made P600B oil fed unit. Never been serviced by them (bribing point for me) My question is, are those brackets useable on a 302 motor? I think the seller said it...
  2. MoDriver

    SOLD ProCharger P600B Supercharger w/Intercooler for 96-01 Ford SVT Cobra

    [SOLD] Listed for sale is a polished ProCharger p600b kit (With Intercooler and new Fuel Injectors) that was designed for 1996-1998 Cobra Mustangs that a coworker adapted to a 1999 Cobra Mustang (so, it likely can work on 1999-2001 Cobras). I bought it from a coworker to use on a 1998 Mustang...