Questions about P600B Procharger kit.


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Aug 21, 2021

This kit popped up for sale semi local to me. I got the serial # from the seller and contacted procharger with it. Head unit is a 1996 made P600B oil fed unit. Never been serviced by them (bribing point for me) My question is, are those brackets useable on a 302 motor? I think the seller said it was on an 89 model car, but I’m not familiar with these things as far as bracketry. Someone with experience tell me what you see and what you think it’s value is. Also, did this things bolt up on passenger or driver side?
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That's a pretty old blower. Not sure personally i would buy it, regardless of price. Can't remember if that was the model known for tossing belts.
Looks too like it has the bracket setup that displaces the AC and power steering. If you read a couple posts down, someone suggests that you have to use solid motor mounts, kinda makes sense, not sure you want the engine pulling on the shock tower.
There was also a version that had a different bracket. I'm guessing one was for a race car, the other for a street car.
I'm guessing that if you had it rebuilt it would be at least $1000.
For me, it's too much risk. But i like the simplicity of a newer self contained vortech so...