pirelli tires

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    Paint and Body Rims and Tires Help

    I am 15 and I am getting a 99 Mustang GT. The rims are the ugly triangular gray rims so I’m getting new ones. The rims I’m think about getting are 245/45/19 but the current rims are 255/55/16. Can someone tell me if this would work?
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    Expired Pirelli P Zero Summer Tires (2x 255/40zr19 + 2x 275/40zr19)

    Staggered set (255/40ZR19 front and 275/40ZR19 rear) of Pirelli P Zero tires with less than 900 "easily driven" miles. I needed an all season tire, so ended up purchasing a set of Michelin all-season tires. I am asking $400.00 for the set of 4 tires. They are in perfect shape. I live in Troy, MI...