progress thread

  1. opihinalu

    Progress Thread Starting a progress thread for my 86 GT.

    Hi all! I have owned my car for almost 2 years and daily drove it for a little over a year before I decided to start working on it. My goal is to make it into a nice street car doing a little bit of drag stuff for fun. I’m 18 and I have never worked on any car before this one and I have...
  2. FoxyNate

    My Second Fox

    Hi all! Not sure if this should be in welcome wagon but I got my second foxbody (first was my first car, a 4cyl 15 years ago) The body and frame will be toast in about 5 years due to rust (according to a body shop) safe for now, but the engine/drivetrain are solid and it runs great. No regrets...
  3. mckallister

    Resurection: '65 Notchback Project

    Hi, Posting mainly to say 'Hi!', and introduce myself. Here's the car's known (by me) history, and what I'm doing/planning to do with it. All advice, observations, comments/concerns, rants, and beat-downs welcome. ...cost of being a rank noob! :) Got a couple questions I'll put in subsequent...