1. F

    2005 V6 Ford Mustang New Clutch Rattle, Vibration Noise

    Hello, Was hard to get into first gear so had Mike's Transmission in McKinney Texas install a new clutch kit for my 2005 V6 Ford Mustang. He said that he used the MOOG kit. Ever since the kit was installed there is a Rattle or Vibration Noise coming from the transmission while the car is...
  2. T_Roberts

    2 10'' Subs in trunk rattle underneath car

    Alright, got a pretty weird issue going on with my Stang. I have two JL audio 10" subs in my trunk and love them to pieces, however, newly installed them in the stang and when the bass hits, something under the car rattles. I searched the trunk and could not find this noise, and I believe it is...
  3. A

    The infamous rattle

    Hi everyone. I know there are probably hundreds of threads already on a rattle noise for this model of mustang but my noise seems to not fit the other descriptions. My car was sounding completely fine, but I installed the c&l racer Cai and a 91 race tune from bama. The rattle seems to be...
  4. D

    Suspension S197 Clunking/rattling sound when accelerating and turning right?

    Alright I have been chasing the cause of this noise since I got the car 5 years ago. The noise started showing up when I would be turning right with the car in 3rd gear at about 1800rpm. If I were to push the clutch in, the noise would go away. If I revved the engine to ~1800 rpm in neutral...
  5. J

    2010 V6 Rattle

    Today i heard an odd rattling sound coming from the engine bay, only makes the noise when accelerating and only in drive. All fluid levels are fine. literally just bought the car so i have no idea what im talking about or what i should be looking for, anyone have any ideas?
  6. M

    Rattle noise in engine

    So I just got a 96 got with the 4.6 2v motor, I have a wierd rattle coming from what sounds like the rear of the engine down low. It's a fast rattle under either constant rpm or deceleration at around 1200-1800 rpms. Any tips or tricks in diagnosing this would be greatly appreciated
  7. S

    Timing rattle

    I have a 1996 mustang gt with what sounds like a rattle in the timing chain. I’ve changed all the sprockets. Chains. Guides. Arms. Tensioners. Harmonic balancer. Everything. But the noise remains. I’ve had the timing cover off 4 times trying to figure this out. Any ideas? It’s an intermittent noise.
  8. E

    Suspension noise

    I have been listening to my car since I had it, I worked on it for a while I have not started modding my suspension, I have stated to hear a rattle/clanking noise as I go to Speed bumps but that's it on there I also hear it when I turn right>> I don't know what it is, I've checked the Sway bar...
  9. plantmeister

    Car Shudders When Turning Wheel

    Hello all! I'm back! Hurricane Irma threw me off and I just got my mustang back yesterday. So anyway, here's the deal: When I'm pulling in/backing out of a parking space, or at very low speeds when I turn the wheel to basically any tight turn (both left or right), the car shudders bad. It...
  10. GreeZdLighTNin

    Engine Tap. 4.6, 3v

    Hi everyone. I just bought on 05 GT with 114,000 on her and she has a slight but noticeable engine tap. I'm trying an oil/filter change, but i'm hoping its not going to be something very major. Any thoughts on what else to check? I'm also hearing a rattle when I accel into 1st gear while...
  11. 0

    Exhaust 2000 Gt Rattle

    I have a 2000 Mustang GT 5 speed. It has longs tubes and an O/R H-pipe. When RPMs are falling between 1500-1000 there is a loud rattle coming from under the car somewhere from the front wheel well to the seats. It sounds as if I'm taking a hammer and beating two pieces of metal rapidly. As soon...
  12. B

    Accelerating Issue (and More?)

    I've got a '93 2.3L 4 cylinder fox body that I've had for a little while now. In the past few weeks it's had an issue; after I start the car, for the first minute of me driving it, the accelerator doesn't move the car too much, the rpm is low, and it makes this popping noise from somewhere near...
  13. C

    Gt Engine Rattle

    Hello, my name is caden, my account is new, but i have been surfing these forums for help with a constant, but unprogressive problem i have had with my 2005 mustang GT with just over 90k miles. The issue is a rattle coming from the front passenger side of the engine. I am absolutely certain it...
  14. C

    Need Help

    My 2006 v6 mustang seems to have a little rattle or chirp coming from the engine behind the dashboard. This happens when I just start the car and when I accelerate. When I start the car it it's at about 1100 rpm then after 30 seconds goes down to 700 approx. Oil pressure is a tad high.The car...
  15. S

    Suspension Rattle While Turning Right With Throttle Only.

    Ok I've been researching and haven't been able to find a definite answer. I have been getting a really bad rattle but it only happens when turning right with throttle, if I clutch it in the turn the rattle stops. I have been thinking it might be the steering pump or rack and pinion. Could use...