1. ufnavy06

    For Sale Raxiom Smoked Headlights

    I have some smoked Raxiom headlights for a s197 for sale. I had them on my Boss 302 for a bit but swapped them back to stock when I traded it in. Picture of these headlights on my old car. Really sets the Boss apart. Looking for $50 obo. Located near Cincinnati. Will negotiate shipping.
  2. Eilermoon

    Raxiom Sequential Tail Light Issues

    Hey all, I've read through a few threads regarding these but didn't quite find a fix for my issue. I received and installed the Raxiom sequential tail light harnesses from AM last week and put them in yesterday. Installation is ridiculously easy, so definitely no problems there. But after...
  3. D

    For Sale Like new Raxiom Gen5 tail lights for S-197

    Hey neighbors, I put these Raxiom Gen5 tail lights on my 2008 Bullitt (see photos). They were my very favorite aftermarket option when I got them and the car has been barely driven and garage-kept for the year or so that followed (thanks COVID). In other words, the tail lights just have sat...
  4. Colb

    Raxiom Smoked projector bulb change

    Hey everybody, I’m looking to change the bulbs in my 2002’s raxiom smoked projector headlights (for obvious reasons). I can change the H7 no problem but I can’t seem to figure out how to access the H1. Is there a way to get into the H1 bulb that I might be missing like a panel that comes off or...
  5. R

    Flash rate for Raxiom sequential plug and play

    I’ve had a Raxiom sequential turn signal kit for a few years on my 2004 Cobra. I installed the V1 flasher. However, they still flash so fast that, unless your looking for it, it’s hard to tell they’re sequencing. I have incandescent bulbs and all the advice I’ve seen are for LEDs, like using an...
  6. P

    Expired 11-14 V6 Mustang Performance Parts

    Location: Austin, TX Price: Multiple Items Hey all! My trusty steed has been put out to pasture :-/ Therefore I'm selling my aftermarket parts (more to come!) I am will to ship (at buyer's cost) and I will accept Paypal +3% fee (unless you're willing to send the money as a gift). Steeda...