For Sale Like new Raxiom Gen5 tail lights for S-197


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May 3, 2019
Austin, Texas
Hey neighbors,

I put these Raxiom Gen5 tail lights on my 2008 Bullitt (see photos). They were my very favorite aftermarket option when I got them and the car has been barely driven and garage-kept for the year or so that followed (thanks COVID). In other words, the tail lights just have sat, with the car... in my garage, and barely even been used.

Fast forward to today... I've found something I like just a little bit better. But it seems silly to me to spend another huge chunk of cash to change out expensive lights that I just put on.
That said, I've talked myself into this... no doubt many of you have seen these Raxiom Gen5 tails on other S197s and liked them. If you look them up you'll see they cost more than $400 after tax. I added a couple of shots of them on my car and you can google "Raxiom Gen5" and do your homework.

If one of you good neighbors owns an S197 and hates the stock tail lights (like I do)... I will sell you my Raxiom Gen5 tails for $250 cash... and they are like new.
I'm not disappointed with them and they work perfectly... they have have zero scratches or issues. In fact, I get plenty of compliments. They're miles better than stock tails and they are still my 2nd favorite tail lights available. I just found something that I like just a little bit better.

And I'll go you one more... if you want, I'll help you install them in your car. It only takes ~30 minutes... super easy with just a wrench and a socket.
I'd like to keep this local. I'm in Austin, TX and I do not want to box and ship these.

I guess just reply and let me know. I'll deal with the first serious person who's local.
I'm hoping this post won't get deleted because I'm not some kind of vendor or anything... just a dude with a Bullitt who'd like to connect with another S197 owner to give you a chance to get these tail lights for half what I paid (so I can order something else).



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