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  1. MoDriver

    SOLD Used 94-04 Mustang Cobra Rear Brake Calipers w/ Carrier Mounts

    [SOLD] Posted is a Pair (1 driver's side, 1 passenger side), used 94-04 Mustang Cobra/Mach 1 rear brake calipers with slide mounts. These are located in Bradenton, FL (34210). Price reduced for Stangnet members only to $100/pair/obo SOLD SOLD SOLD This Cobra caliper is from a functioning 1998...
  2. D

    How Do You Replace The Rear Caliper On A 1999 Ford Mustang?

    So i have gotton the cable to come off the spring but there is like this hoop that is on the caliper. Well the emergency brake cable goes thru that hoop how do i get it out of there? I am trying to replace the caliper it will be awesome if someone could tell me how to do this. Does anyone know...