1. D


    There was clacking under my valve cover took it off and some of the rockers were loose so I bought all new pushrods,lifters, and valve springs all stock sizes . Putting it back together everything is torqued but all the rockers are loose except for the ones with the lifters that are fully pushed...
  2. J

    Engine Need Help With Valve Train

    So I got a 86 fox about a year ago with a 92 EFI roller motor and I'm rebuilding it and switching to carborated I pritymuch have everything done exsept for the valve train im looking and a set of heads with .550 max lift and the comp 35-302-8 and I'm thinking 1.6 stud rockers would that be...
  3. cjstang6791

    Engine '67 Mustang 289 V8 Loose Rocker Arm Polylock Nuts Wtf?

    Trying to tune and road test my '67 Mustang 289 V8, but for some reason, the POLYLOCKS KEEP COMING LOOSE, and not always on the same cylinder or bank -- sometimes left, other times, right. I'm confident the valve adjustment procedure and pre-load and zero lash have been done correctly (performed...